The Beginning

Ecojourney started out of a passion to connect people with our beautiful and amazing wilderness in a way that would leave a profound, and lasting impact on their spirits.  Through this connection we encourage people to find something unknown, underfoot and inside themselves.

Although the journey continues, we have much to share!  Let us show you where we have been and how it has tested, challenged, and inspired us!  We always try to take the path less traveled.

The Values

When I was mentored as a young guide, I understood the importance and history that was passed down to me. Guiding people of all walks of life through their own personal journey is a unique experience, one that requires the utmost professionalism and due diligence.  It is also a very special gift!  As a guide,  you are there for the most amazing ‘ah ha’ moments that in most cases, cause a fundamental shift in their core!

The Staff

Ecojourney Staff are highly trained and require a specific ‘skill set’ that you won’t find in 90% of the outdoor companies currently offering programs.  Our guides are required to not only be trained in specific areas, most of them are trainers and instructors in those fields!  We don’t just certify and re-certify, we are the ones instructing the courses!

Qualifications include:

Advanced Wilderness First Aid Instructor, PADI Scuba Instructor, Class-4 White Water Rafting Instructor, Search & Rescue Instructor (Rock/Ice & Crevasse Rescue), Cave Guide, Outdoor Education Instructor, Wilderness Survival Instructor, Cave Rescue Technician, Leadership & Team-building Facilitator, University Football Coach, Bachelor of Kinesiology-ODPU, Bachelor of Education…